Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Awareness Wednesdays. Altoids.

Hello all and welcome to another Awareness Wednesday! As I have mentioned, Awareness Wednesday will now be on the first Wednesday of each month.  Today's food is one that most people would have never even thought of as being veggie unfriendly, and that is Altoids mints.

Even I didn't think to read the ingredients for many years after becoming a vegetarian. One day, just to see, I red them.  3 guesses as to what I found...


Yes. Even in a crunchy mint, they figure a way to add gelatin!  So far, I have found that most of the super strong, chalky mints are the only ones with gelatin (well those and the gummy mints).  So most mints are A-OK for us to enjoy.  Still concerned? You can always double check the back label to see what is in it.  As a general rule I do that for all foods.

Will you guys be swapping out Altoids for a gelatin-free mint?

Bye from the veggie side!


  1. I love this series! I would have never thought that an animal product was in Altoids! Thanks for opening my eyes to the pervasive use of animals in products. :)

    1. aww that really means a lot to me! i'm glad to know that someone is benefiting from this :)

  2. Ah! Much to my dismay, I just discovered that a couple months ago as well. So disappointing and so unnecessary!! Do you have suggestions for those of us that prefer vegan mints?

    1. oh i know, so sad! try this website, it has lots of vegan candy.
      also if you have a trader joes, i think their mints are gelatin free too.
      this site has ingredients of other mins too


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