My Journey to the Veggie Side

Hello world!  My name is Jacquie and this is my blog :)
I am 20-something years old and I work for a company that helps small businesses with their social media and web visibility.  I was born and raised in New York, but I have recently relocated to the Washington DC area. I love my cat, animals, painting my nails, and Lady Gaga.  But most importantly, I am a vegetarian.

As a kid I lived by two food groups: chicken and potatoes.  My dad doesn't eat red meat, and my mom is always on some diet or another.  But as a child, food isn't a concern in life.  I cared more about who I was sitting with at lunch, than what I was eating for lunch.  One thing I was from that start, though, was an animal lover.  I loved my cats, the bugs outside, and the amazing animals at the zoo.  And even as a kid, I donated some of my allowance to animal shelters.  Until one night when I was 11 years old, eating my chicken fingers like always...

"Daddy, where do chicken nuggets come from?"
"Well, the chickens live on a farm, and then they leave the farm and get killed, and then they become chicken nuggets"
"So they DIE just so I can eat them?"
"Yes, Cookie"
"I am never eating meat again!"

And that was that.  Apart from a few mistakes, I have never eaten meat since then.  As I grew older I refined my views and reasons for not eating meat.  I learned about what happens at the slaughter houses and what eating meat does to the environment.  However, I never strayed from my first reason, I don't believe animals should give their lives to be food for people.

10+ years later and I am still going strong and loving every minute of it.  Becoming a vegetarian has been the best decision I have ever made and the one I am most proud of myself for.  Vegetarianism is part of my identity and I can never see myself eating meat again. 

More about my blog:
The goal of my blog is to be unlike the other vegetarian (and food) blogs out there.  I don't find much time, or energy, to cook all the time.  I will have some recipes, but what I want to highlight is the easiness of being a vegetarian.  I will show some very simple (but delicious) recipes, plus tips to becoming and staying a vegetarian with out too much effort.  I will show you guys the best vegetarian food brands, and most importantly, how to eat like a meat-eater without eating any meat.

I really hope you enjoy my blog, and that someone out there can read it and say "Wow, it is so easy to be a vegetarian, I think I am going to try it!"


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