Saturday, September 22, 2012

Morning Star Chik'n Nuggets

Good morning!  Today I am going to show you something from one of my favorite veggie meat brands.   I gave up meat at 10 years old, but until then chicken nuggets were my absolute favorite food.  Actually they were pretty much the only food I ate.  My love for animals is what propelled myself into vegetarianism, and for me it was pretty easy.  But I have spoken to a lot of people that say they want to be a vegetarian but don't have the will power to give up their favorite foods.   I have found that one of the easiest ways to stay committed to vegetarianism is to find those replacements.  Love chicken nuggets like I do?  It is easy to find vegetarian ones to fill that hole in your heart and your stomach.

My favorite are Morning Star brand Chik'n Nuggets.  Morning Star makes a verity of veggie meats from buffalo chicken, to rips, to corn dogs!  One question I get about veggie meat is about taste accuracy. Does it really taste like chicken?  Well since I haven't had chicken in 11 years, I honestly don't remember.  All I know is that these Chik'n Nuggets taste amazing!  And honestly, that's all that really matters.  One more food that I like is more variation in my diet, and having options makes vegetarianism easy.

Ok. ok. So I know that's a long list of ingredients.  But these Chik'n Nuggets are full of flavor and protein and have less fat that real chicken, which is something everyone can agree on is a good thing, vegetarians and meat eaters a-like.  I even have a friend that is not a vegetarian and she absolutely loves these.

Just like a kid, I enjoy my Chik'n Nuggets piled on a plate and dipped in ketchup and mustard.  But you can get creative! Put them in pasta or add them to a wrap to get some extra protein in your meal!  Imagine what your friends will say what they see their vegetarian friend eating chicken nuggets just like they do!  

Will you be trying Morning Star Chik'n Nuggets?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


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  2. Great& Yummy review!

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

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  3. and the problem is that some people never tries it, IF they do, they are SOOOOOOO good the veggie nuggets and the hot dog as well :D they taste SOOOOOOOOO good :D actually i am buying some tomorrow :p


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