Saturday, July 20, 2013

Creamy Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a nice week and are enjoying your weekend. I just finished my first week of work. I can't say its fun, but its going really well and I'm enjoying it so far.  Being back at work also means packing lunches. I have been scoping my Pinterest pins for perfect lunches for work. I came across Amuse Your Bouche's creamy chickpea salad sandwiches.

What you need:

 photo 001_zps78732191.jpg

2 Cans of chickpeas (I only had one in the photo, sowwy!)
1 Cucumber
6 tsp Mayonnaise
Garlic powder
Fresh spinach leaves
Slices of bread

What do to:
Drain the liquid out of the cans of chickpeas and dump them in a big bowl. Chop up the cucumber in small pieces and add them to the chickpeas. Mix in the mayo, pepper, garlic, and basil until everything is evenly coated.

 photo 003_zps0dcfce07.jpg

That's it! Just scoop a big spoonful on some bread and add a few spinach leaves.

 photo 005_zpsc6cd650c.jpg

 photo 007_zps2b3d8828.jpg

 photo 009_zps0c25da06.jpg

I was a little skeptical of  trying this at first because I really am not a fan of mayo, but adding in the spices made it a creamy and delicious dressing! I thought that little bit of mayo wouldn't be enough, but it was actually the perfect amount. Every chickpea and cucumber was perfectly coated, and the mayo flavor wasn't super strong.  The only downside is this sandwich was incredibly messy. After about 2 bites, almost all of the chickpeas had fallen out the other side. I ended up taking a handful of the spinach leaves and a few scoops of the salad and mixing them together in a bowl and eating with a fork and some bread on the side.  I am so happy I tried this. I can't wait to make it again!

Do you want to try making this chickpea salad sandwich?

Bye from the Veggie Side!

Adapted from Amuse Your Bouche.


  1. Ooh thanks for the link back! :) your version looks great, I love that you added cucumber. Yours looks a little wetter than mine - perhaps that's why it fell apart? Oh well, sometimes getting messy is half the fun :)

    1. Of course :) I agree that mine looks kind of wet. Maybe I need to drain the chickpeas a little more? it was still tasty though!

  2. Oh wow this does sound good, but does it travel well?

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

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  4. Looks yummy! Those kind of sandwiches are always messy to eat with everything squishing out. Less messy is eating it as a salad and maybe turning the bread into croutons. :-)

  5. your blog is a godsend! i just went veggie this month and have been having a really hard time trying to find good recipes. totally following :D

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Aww you are so sweet! people like you are what make this blog worth it for me. all i want is to help people on their goals of becoming vegetarians. if you ever need help, encouragement, tips, or anything else feel free to email me, one veggie to another :)


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