Tuesday, May 7, 2013

College Memories: TJ Rockwell's

Hello everyone! As you can tell I'm posting on a Tuesday, which I usually don't do, but I have something quick to show you guys.

I just returned last last from a weekend in Pennsylvania to watch my boyfriend, and his sister, graduate from graduate school and college.  The weekend was beautiful, and we got to spend some time out in the beautiful weather when we weren't attending meals and ceremonies. On the drive back we actually passed through the little town that I went to college in exactly 2 years ago, and we got lunch at the place where we had my very own graduation dinner. Well...why am I telling you all of this? Well if you remember the post on Melted Mozzarella Minestrone I did, I mentioned my inspiration of a vegetarian tomato soup prepared like French onion, with croutons and cheese melted right on top, that I got at a restaurant near where I attended college. Well we went to eat at that very same place, and I had to order that melty tomato soup!

 photo 121_zps8ec38fff.jpg

 photo 122_zps752bab35.jpg

Look at how amazing that is!  There's nothing like some hot, melted cheese on a perfect bowl of tomato soup. It's easy to see how I needed to find a way to enjoy this on my own home.

I opted for the lunch special and paired this soup with a fresh salad topped with walnuts, craisins, cheese, and a raspberry vinaigrette. No matter what I was eating, every bite was so delicious and filled with college memories!

I thought I might share some photos from the graduation, there are after the jump if you want to see how else I spent my weekend away!

 photo 049_zps7a7127aa.jpg

 photo 084_zps88937cd1.jpg

 photo 098_zpsda6ae1b1.jpg

 photo 115_zpsc5cf5c06.jpg

Do you get inspired by restaurant foods? What foods remind you of your college town?

Bye from the Veggie Side!

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  1. Yum, melted cheese on tomato soup! That salad sounds great!


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