Saturday, May 25, 2013

Austin, Texas: Day 3 - The MOTHER of all posts!

Hello everyone! I hope you have been liking my Austin, Texas vegetarian round up. The last day I spent in Texas was Mother's Day. So after a morning of breakfast in a local college coffee shop, and and afternoon playing pinball, it was only natural that we went to Mother's, out favorite vegetarian restaurant, for Mother's Day!

Of course this wouldn't be a meal if David and I didn't order the same thing. When we were looking at the menu, David asked me what I wanted.  I told him I couldn't decide between the BBQ tofu sandwich, or the sloppy Joe. He also couldn't decide between those exact two options, so we each ordered one, and split it with the other. Ahh, sibling love!

Then the waiter informed us that the soup of the day was a tomato, spinach, and feta soup. Instantly my eyes lit up, and I knew I had to start with that.

 photo 017_zps5e5c1c92.jpg

This soup didn't have a strong tomato flavor, but you could really taste the spinach. I loved when I got a spoonful of feta cheese too.

 photo 019_zps8345a976.jpg

I havn't had a sloppy Joe since I gave up meat, and when I did eat them it was with turkey, not beef.  It was awesome getting to enjoy them again, since I remember loving them so much.  David ordered the Joes, so he ordered them with cheese.  These were so good! The sauce was on the tomatoey side, so with the added cheese and the bun, they tasted like pizza.

 photo 020_zpsc93d628b.jpg

The BBQ sandwich was absolutely amazing, and it was my favorite of all the foods we ordered that meal.  It was like nothing I have ever tasted before. The sauce didn't taste at all like BBQ sauce, since it was peanut butter based.  You might think tofu with peanut butter on is sounds like something pregnant or stoned people would come up with, but it was so delicious!  Both sandwiches were vegan (as long as David didn't order cheese on his) and came on really tasty vegan buns.

After a late lunch, we hung out outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather while we still could.  Then David and I had so much fun playing with his Xbox Kinect which was so much fun, and quite the work out! We were both so sweaty after, but we had a great time making fools out of ourselves four our mom's amusement  What could be a better Mother's Day gift then that?

We had some leftovers for dinner since we were too tired to go out. And then the fun began!

Remember I told you guys that we picked up some treats at Whole Foods? Well those treats were vegan marshmallows!  I haven't had a marshmallow in so long, so it really took me back

 photo 021_zps189958de.jpg

 photo 022_zps6d09b4d9.jpg

Right out of the package, they were sweet, creamy, and chewy. They seriously tasted exactly like regular marshmallows. I just wanted to keep eating them, but David had something better in store for these!

 photo 028_zpsfa9adaa0.jpg

Yes, that is my brother roasting a marshmallow on a fork with a lighter. Roasting them took them from good, to amazing! They were chard and crunchy on the outside, and hot and melty on the inside. The best part was that they smelled just like a campfire. We couldn't stop roasting them!

 photo 030_zpsda5da45f.jpg

 photo 033_zpsd4866948.jpg

 photo photo1_zpscf63084f.jpg

On top of the marshmallows, we picked up some vegan s'mores.

 photo 023_zpsffa268cd.jpg

 photo 032_zps7c0dbce2.jpg

We decided to pop these in the microwave quickly and it made them so melty and good! These s'mores had the vegan marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker all wrapped into one perfect fire side treat. However, I did like the original marshmallows better after we had roasted them. You just can't beat that!

I had a great time in Austin with my family, it is always sad when I have to leave.  Hopefully we will see each other soon! Love you guys!

Have you guys been to Austin? Did you love the food as much as I did? Will you be getting these Sweet & Sara marshmallows for your next camp fire roast?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


  1. I love spinach so soup with spinach in it is amazing! Roasted marshmallows are one of the best things about life! I think I need to try those marshmallows because it has Sara right in the name! lol


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