Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amy's Cheese Pizza

Hello everyone!  Today I have another Amy's meal to show you.  As a lazy vegetarian, Amy's meals are a staple in my diet.  Everything she makes is always vegetarian and organic.  She even has a number of vegan options too.  Right after I first gave up meat, I discovered Hot Pockets.  Out of all the verity of flavors, only one was vegetarian, the plain cheese pizza.  But as a 11 year old kid, I happily filled my face with the hot cheesy goodness. I then made a discovery some time after: Amy's Pocket Sandwiches.  I've shown you guys the vegetable pie pocket, but now I have something for when you are craving some unhealthy food.

This is Amy's Cheese Pizza Pocket sandwich.


All of the hot cheesy pocketness of a Hot Pocket, but completely organic, and preservative free!


These are so good! A great way to feel like you are eating unhealthy, but you know it is still good for you!  These pockets are always filled with amazing cheese and sauce.  They are so tasty and a great quick comfort food.


Mmm, look at that hot melty cheese!

These are a great option for both vegetarians and meat-eaters if you are looking for something really delicious and quick to make, but with out all the chemicals.  You can eat "bad" food, but still feel good about it!

Have you tried Amy's Cheese Pizza Pockets?  Are you going to pick these up?

Bye from the Veggie Side!

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