Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amy's Vegetable Pie

Good morning!  Today I have a really interesting and delicious meal for you.  This is Amy's Vegetable Pie Pocket Sandwich.  I love Amy's!  All the food is vegetarian and a lot are vegan too.  Everything is completely preservative free! You can't get better then that! Oh and of course everything by Amy's is delicious.  

I love these ingredients! No MSG, no preservatives and all organic!  

Amy's Vegetable Pie is like a chicken pot pie and a Hot Pocket all wrapped into one and turned vegetarian!  It is filled with peas, carrots, potatoes and tofu in a think sauce that is very similar to a pot pie filling.  It is fast to make and easy to eat!  Its great if you need a quick meal with some extra flavoring and lots of flavor!  

Will you be picking up Amy's Vegetable Pie?

Bye from the veggie side!

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  1. I love Amy's foods! I think my all-time favorite is the Cheddar Bowl. I have never tried the pockets because I wasn't sure how the crust would be, but now I think I will. Thanks for the post! :)


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