Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amy's Mexican Tofu Scramble

Hey everyone!  I wanted to show you what I had for lunch today. Yes, it's another Amy's meal.

 photo 001_zpsa256823c.jpg

I have mentioned before that eggs totally freak me out, and I try to avoid them as bast as I can.  I always loved scrambled eggs, and its a food a miss, not because I am a vegetarian, but just because the idea of eggs creep me out.  I was so happy when I found Amy's Tofu Scramble! Finally I get to have scrambled eggs again!  Amy's makes a few different tofu scrambles, and today I have the Mexican variety to show you.

 photo 002_zps191dd98b.jpg

This scramble comes with tofu on a gluten free tortilla  covered with salsa, and re-fried beans and potatoes on the side. The tofu scramble doesn't taste exactly like its eggy counter part, but it is still really tasty!  I like how there is salsa on top, but unfortunately it not spicy, so I add some hot sauce to the mix.  The re-fried beans are really flavorful, and the potatoes complete this breakfast.

 photo 003_zps4566370d.jpg

It is always a great feeling being able to eat a "normal" breakfast, but still maintaining my beliefs and commitment to avoiding eggs.  I love getting lots of protein in this meal too, and of course lots of flavor!

 photo 005_zpsa4462446.jpg

I love this Mexican Tofu Scramble! I hope you guys try it, because I know you'll like it too!

Have you tried Amy's Mexican Tofu Scramble?  Do you like Mexican food for breakfast?

Bye from  the Veggie Side!

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  1. One day I really need to check out all these Amy's meals because they look delicios and from your blog I know that there so many different foods to try!


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