Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amy's Breakfast Scramble Wrap

Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a great week! I spent father's day going on a hike and a motorcycle ride with my dad. Then we had dinner at a Greek festival. I enjoyed some of the best and most authentic Greek food. I love the food of my people!  I've been spending the week continuing to pack and enjoying my yoga class. Plus, I am so excited because tonight I am going out to dinner with my friend at The Melting Pot! Even though I am excited for dinner tonight, right now I am going to talk breakfast.

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As you know, even though I'm not a vegan, I try to avoid eating eggs, and I rarely ever eat them on their own, so I am always looking for fake egg meals. The first time I saw Amy's Breakfast scramble wrap I was so excited to try it!

 photo 002_zpsbf009e29.jpg

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This wrap is filled with tofu eggs, veggies, and soy bacon all in a flaky and crispy wrap. The first time I ate this I started to panic when I tasted the bacon. It tasted SO realistic that I thought it was real bacon. I freaked out and ran to the recycling bin and triple read the ingredients. Totally vegetarian.

 photo 004_zps424d0d82.jpg

 photo 005_zpsa198d547.jpg

The eggs had a pretty mild flavor, not super eggy, but it was more flavorful that tofu. The Fake-on gave it a bit of a meaty taste. Add in some veggies and a bit of cheese and you have a perfect vegetarian breakfast in each bite! I decided to add some hot sauce to give it a bit of kick.

 photo 006_zps7b048030.jpg


I have to say this is my favorite of the Amy's tofu egg meals. It really makes the perfect breakfast. All you need is a side of tater tots!

Have you tried the Amy's Breakfast Scramble Wrap? Will you be?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


  1. This looks delicious! One of these days I need to go to the supermarket and load up on Amy's goodies!

  2. Holy crap on a cracker, that looks delicious! I really wish Amy's wasn't so darn expensive. I can see why though. All organic ingredients, a pretty big serving, delicious...


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