Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amy's Nacho Snacks

What do you call snacks that aren't yours? Nacho Snacks.  Luckily these tasty little rolls can be yours, if you buy them from your local super market or health food store. I am talking about Amy's Nacho Snacks, little pockets filled with beans and nacho cheese.  I am not a huge Mexican food or bean fan, but I can't say no to all natural, vegetarian, easy food to make!



And I have to say, I am glad I tried them because they are delicious! There is so much flavor packed into each little bite. And you can tell they are all natural, without any of those "fake" flavors that you might get from Mexican fast food. Nasty.


One reason I stay away from Mexican food, is because most Mexican restaurants don't gear themselve to vegetarians,  They set them self up to be an AMAZING vegetarian meal. Tomatoes, fresh avocado  crunchy tortillas, and of course, lots of cheese.  But then they ruin all that by adding beef. And if you don't want beef, the only option is beans, which if not done right can be a disaster. 

These little pockets are great as a snack on their own, or as part of dinner.  Pick these up and add them to your next Mexican meal! Maybe dip them in some salsa, sour cream, or guacamole! Mmm now if you'll excuse me, I need to make these now.

Have you tried these Amy's Nacho Snacks?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


  1. Oh man, I need to try those! They remind me of those little pizza ones and I love those!

  2. These look so good! If you didn't know, if you contact Amy's at their website, you can ask for coupons and they'll send you a whole booklet. It rocks! Anyway, I'm a new follower. I've been a vegetarian for a few years, but for some reason I've never thought to look up a vegetarian blog! I'm dumb. Anyway, you rock. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. ooh wow that's awesome! thanx for the tip :) Well i'm glad you find my blog! i love meeting other vegetarians :) i hope you like my blog!!

  3. Hmmmmm, I will start searching for these :D


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