Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Veggie Burger Chronicles: Shenanigan's

Hey everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying October. I am definitely sad that its already half over!  While I usually am loving the fall weather at this point, it has been feeling quite summery around here. I mentioned before that I recently went to Ocean City, MD and enjoyed a nice beach day! Before Ben and I hit the beach, we decided to stop at a pub, called Shenanigan's, for lunch. Perfect opportunity to try another veggie burger!




As I have explained before, veggie burgers usually fall into one of two categories: "meaty" based, or veggie based. This patty was definitely on the veggie based end and pretty mild in flavor. I loved seeing all the different colors of vegetables in the burger. It was also full of grains which gave in a nice bite. The lettuce and tomatoes were super fresh, and the coolness paired well with the warm burger and toasty bun. The bun was whole grain and it was really nice and flavorful. Unfortunately with everything going on, it was hard to taste the cheese or the sauce.

Overall this burger was pretty good, but not one of my favorite VBs.

Have you tried the veggie burger from Shenanigan's in OC?

Bye from the Veggie Side!

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