Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Awareness Wednesday: Sweethearts

Hello, and welcome to February's Awareness Wednesday!

We all know that Valentine's day is coming up soon, so it's time to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate.  If you plan on taking out your boo to dinner, make those reservations NOW!  V-day is a really busy day in restaurants since everyone is going out to eat that night, if you don't book now you might get stuck with a bad time, a bad restaurant (with no vegetarian options!), or you might even need to go out on a different night.

You also might be planning on having a Valentine's day party for your friends or office, or even helping your kid with their Valentine's activities as school.  And what is the most iconic V-day treat?


Yes, Sweethearts.  Those little, colorful, chalky hearts with the cute messages.  By now they have covered the shelves of your local drug stores and super markets, and If you are going to a Valentine's party, I guarantee you will see these little guys there.  Just make sure you only look, and don't eat!

Sweetheart candies have gelatin.  Gelatin seems to sneak its way into all the foods.

However there are plenty of other things to hand out for Valentine's day from chocolate, to flowers, or thoughtful cards.

I hope everyone has a fun Valentine's this year, whether you are spending with your other half, family, or friends!

Will you be cutting out Sweethearts from your V-day this year?

Bye from the veggie side!


  1. That's weird that Sweethearts have gelatin in them since they're hard and not mushy like gummy bears.

  2. Wow! Yet another product with gelatin! I can't believe how pervasive this ingredient is!

  3. ew, gelatin! no thank you. I never ate these that much anyway, but I will definitely veer away from them even more now. & warn others!


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