Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Annie's Organic Honey Mustard

How many kinds of mustard should a household have? One? Two? Well of you ask my dad, and answer is four.  My dad and I absolutely love mustard. It is spicy, delicious, and goes great on so many things.  We both really enjoy the brown Jewish Deli mustard, but I also love honey mustard!  Since I don't eat meat, I never end up ordering anything at a restaurant that comes with honey mustard, since that is usually reserved for chicken tenders or other types of food like that (can you tell I have no idea what I am talking about?) The only time I get to enjoy honey mustard is when my meat-eating boyfriend, Ben, orders meat and I steal a french fry and quickly dunk it in his honey mustard before he can get that pesky chicken in it.  Because once it touches the meat, it becomes contaminated and I wont eat it.

It was time I bought some honey mustard so I could enjoy it at home with my veggie chicken and feel like a normal meat-eating American.  And if I am going to buy honey mustard, might as well make it all natural and organic!

Annie's is a great brand that makes all natural foods.  They make things from gummy candy to mac and cheese.  

Look at those natural ingredients! Yum! It tastes different than regular honey mustard, you can tell it is all natural, none of those fake flavors.  It is really good and I love it with my veggie chicken!  I am not used to being able to eat food with honey mustard so I don't even know what else to eat it with!  But I will keep trying  it with new foods and looking for new ways to enjoy it!

Have you every tried Annie's Honey Mustard? What do you think of it?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


  1. Funny. I just purchased some of this for the first time this weekend.

  2. I love honey mustard!! Sooooo delicious!

  3. I am not a HUGE fan of Mustard, I always prefer Ketchup, with EVERYTHING :p


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