Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Unreal 77.

Hello everyone! Today's post is about an awesome new candy brand called Unreal.  Check out the website HERE.  Unreal takes popular candies, such as M&Ms and Snickers, and makes them all natural.  There are no artificial ingredients, no corn syrup, and no preservatives.  They also have more fiber, more protein, and less calories than the original candies they are inspired by, how awesome is that?!

Right now they only make 5 kinds.  I am actually not a big chocolate lover, so out of all the options the only one I actually like the original candy of is Reese's.  In Unreal's terms, UN77.

They come individually wrapped and are in the shape of regular Reese's.  How neat is that logo on the back?

Overall these are a winner in my book! They taste almost exactly the same as Reese's and I love knowing that they are all natural!

Will you be picking up some Unreal candy?

Bye from the veggie side!


  1. Umm...never heard of these, but I am already obsessed! I can't wait to find these! Thanks for the post!

  2. Aren't they great?! I love the candy bars too!

  3. WOW, yummies :D want some right now :p

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