Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yom Kippur

Hey everyone. Today, instead of my regular Saturday post, I have a little something different today. Today is actually Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. The way we observe the holiday is by not eating from sundown the day before, until the next sundown. Not only can't we eat, but we can't drink anything, brush our teeth, or shower. Since I can't eat today, I will not be doing a food post today either.

When I was little, my dad taught me that we fast to repent for the sins we have done that year. He said that every time I felt a hunger pain, it was a sin I was making up for. I used to think if I did nothing wrong all year I wouldn't feel hungry at all, or if I was very bad I would be starving all day.

Its funny that in such a food based religion, there is a whole holiday dedicated to not eating. Every other holiday is centered around big meals and big family gatherings (don't get me wrong, the dinner before Yom Kippur starts, and the dinner after it ends is usually a big family occasion). Jewish mothers, including my own, are centered around making everyone eat. Its how they show love and nurturing. Its weird to think of a whole 24 hours where there will be no Jewish mothers saying "are you hungry? eat some more!"

I try to convince myself every year that it is good to do a fast. Good to cleanse the body of not only toxins, but negativity as well. A way to get a fresh start to the new year. However, by the 20th hour of the fast, its hard to think that its a good idea. I still do it every year. It's something that has gotten to be important to me. Its a way for me to connect to my Jewish roots. Jews have spent to much time having to change and hide who they are, I want to embrace everything about my religion and culture.

Are any of you fasting today for Yom Kippur? What are some of your important religious traditions?

Bye from the (no) Veggie Side!

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  1. It's because we eat so much the rest of the year that we have to fast! Just kidding. I agree that it's like cleansing your body of negativity. That's a good way to look at it.


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