Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fresh Blackberry French Toast

Hey everyone! I am back with a food post after my Yom Kippur break! And whats better than breakfast, for a post after my break-fast (eh get it? Breaking the fast). I showed you what I made with the apples I picked, and now Its time to show you what I made with those black berries!


Ben and I decided to use our blackberries to make to make some French Toast. That is, when we weren't eating them with chocolate ice cream, or just straight out of the container.


Ben and I actually both made our French Toasts on different days. Ben didn't work on Sunday so he made his then, and then I had a day off on Monday, so I made mine. We both compared notes after and it turned out we had made it the exact same way!  A little cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla extract in the egg mix to coat the bread with. Then we both tossed the black berries in with the bread just for a couple of minutes.


I usually don't eat breakfast foods, especially out at restaurants. I find most places don't have good vegetarian options. Of course when most people think of breakfast foods they think of bacon and sausage, which I don't eat. Or they think of eggs, which I can't eat too much on their own. The last option are the sweet foods: waffles, pancakes, and French Toast. Well, I have never had a real big sweet tooth. But once in a while you just need a sweet meal. Its amazing how comforting it is, especially when its a rare and special treat.

After you make your own special blackberry french toast, top with a little syrup, and serve with a side of tater tots and a glass of orange juice.





This breakfast was so warm and comforting. The tart blackberries were the perfect match for the sweet French Toast.  With the sweetness from the sugar and the vanilla extract, I barely needed to add any syrup.  The bread with so moist and soft, and the blackberries were incredibly fresh. Actually, when it comes to fruit, you can't get much fresher than picking your own! Heating up the blackberries warmed them up, and broke them open a bit. I loved sopping up the blackberry juice with the bread.

When I was in college I discovered an amazing food combination: tater tots and maple syrup. While eating French Toast one day, some of the syrup got on my tater tots, one bite and it was a match made it breakfast heaven. I would call it the vegetarian's version of bacon and syrup, that I have often heard meat eaters talk about. The tots are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the salty and sweet flavors are incredible together!

I loved this amazing breakfast, it reminded me of something you would get from a little, southern diner. It was such a nice treat. Talking about it just makes me wish I could eat some more right now!

What is your favorite comfort breakfast? How do you like making your French Toast?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


  1. I've never thought of using tater tots instead of hash browns or home style potatoes!

  2. Great looking breakfast! Maple syrup and tater tots? That is something I gotta try. :-)


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