Saturday, December 7, 2013

Veggie Burger Chronicles: At Home Southwestern

Have you even been struck by a brilliant food idea, only to have to wait all day to execute it? Well that's what happened to me at work the other day. While I was eating lunch, I was planning out what I was going to make for dinner. Yes, my whole life really does center around food.  I had just gotten some avocados on sale, and was making paninis with them. But then it hit me: avocado veggie burgers! I spent the rest of my day at work thinking about how I would accessorize it, and I decided on a southwestern style.

 photo 030_zpsbaa69f2d.jpg

What you need:


2 Slices of bread
Half of an avocado
Any veggie burger of your choice
Mexican cheese

What to do:

Toast the bread.
Scoop out half of the avocado and layer it on.
Layer on the veggie burger, cheese, ketchup, and tapatio sauce.
Top with the second piece of bread.




This was well work the all day wait, because it was so good! The burger had a nice meaty flavor, while the cheese and avocado gave this a Mexican flare. This was packed with heat from the tapatio sauce.  I love this sauce. It not only has the perfect amount of spicy, but its super flavorful too. The avocado was creamy and buttery, and acted almost like a sauce. Topping this burger with ketchup made it super classic, but with a Mexican twist.

How do you make your veggie burgers at home? Will this southwestern one be on your menu?

Bye from the Veggie Side!

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