Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Awareness Wednesday: Nail Polish Remover

Hello and welcome to another Awareness Wednesday post!  This one is a little unique, as its not actually about food at all!  I became a vegetarian in order to reduce the suffering and killing of animals. To me that doesn't just mean I needed to stop eating meat, but also to not use products that contain forms of dead animals.  That means I don't wear any leather, and I am conscious about what cosmetics I use.  As you may know I am a nail fanatic, so this vegetarian unfriendly item is nail related.

 photo 8452-500x500_zpsfe0c0919.jpg

A plain ole' bottle of nail polish remover.  I used to use this all the time, until I found out about an unfriendly ingredient  Any guesses?

Gelatin, again.

 photo 0007278500452_500X500_zpsc93d1758.jpg

Gelatin is used as a strengthener in nail polish remover.  The main ingredient, acetone, is what actually removes the polish, is a very harsh chemical that really damages nails.  Adding gelatin helps to reduce some of the damaging effects.

Instead of regular nail polish remover, I opt for pure acetone.

 photo 0071793703030_500X500_zps7c117861.jpg

When weighing out the options, I would rather have damaged nails than dead animals.  I just use hand lotion after I remove my polish to moisturize my nails after.  On the plus side, pure acetone can be found at any drug or beauty store, and is usually cheaper.

Another option you have is acetone free, vegetarian nail polish remover.

 photo no-miss-almost-natural-nail-polish-remover-review_zpsc918f0a5.jpg

I have tried this Almost Natural nail polish remover before, and while it is a cause that I can totally get behind, I found it very ineffective at removing nail polish.  For just the occasional nail painter, this might be the right option for you.  However, in order to keep up with my other blog, and my love for nail art, I am constantly doing my nails, and I can't be wasting time waiting for my nail polish remover to work.

Will you be switching your bottle of nail polish remover to a gelatin free one?

Bye from the Veggie Side!


  1. I never even realized there was gelatin in nail polish remover!

  2. Wow. I am stunned! Why is gelatin in EVERYTHING?!?! :( Thanks for the informing post!

  3. Holy crap, I had no idea. Thank you for letting the rest of us know! I really appreciate it. Will be searching for a different one.

  4. I use bottles of Acetone and Pure acetone from Sally Beauty, I think the brand it Beauty Secrets... it doesn't contain gelatin ;)

  5. Oooooh! I had no idea the "strengthening" part of the Equate brand was gelatin! The bottles I'd get never said "gelatin enriched" on them, so I never thought about it!

  6. Wow, who would've thunk...? Thanks for the tip! You and your blog are so cute - and insprirational! I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago - check it out if you have the time - I appreciate feedback!


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